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Campaign This website is for Minecraft gaming and to raise safety awareness

Please support my "Prevent Child Heatstroke" Campaign!

Child safety campaign to prevent heatstroke

  • Children are more susceptible to heat because they have less body surface area to sweat and cool down
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  • According to
  • A child’s body heats up three to five times faster than an adult’s body.
  • Heatstroke deaths have been recorded in every month of the year in nearly all 50 states
  • More than half of heatstroke deaths occurred when a distracted caregiver forgot a quiet child was in the vehicle.
  • Creating reminders and habits is an effective way to ensure that a child is not forgotten in the vehicle.

CatsCraft supports NHTSA’s heatstroke education campaign and General Motors (GM) Never Leave Your Child Alone in a Car education and awareness campaign. My "Prevent Child Heatstroke" Campaign is geared towards familys, parents, caregivers to increase awareness. CatsCraft welcomes collaboration and increased national attention to the issue.

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