Application for staff

Question 1. What is your mc name and have you ever changed your minecraft in game name? If so please list all previous names.
My current mc name is Bad328 my only previous mc name was lol_bad_luck

Question 2. What rank are you applying for? (Ranks can be found at /warp help in game)

Question 3. What is your current rank on Catscraft?
Elite-RollerCoaster / Elite-Sculptor

Question 4. Would you promote players on Catscraft without the owners permission?

Question 5. Will you mute people who are breaking the chat rules, swearing, spamming, etc? If so how long?
Yes I would start with only a few minutes if they continue to break rules I will do longer.

Question 6. Will you try to set a good example for other players and staff?
I will do my best

Question 7 Have you read the rules in /rules, and do you agree to follow them?
Yes I have read the rules and I agree to follow them.

Question 8. What date are you submitting this application?

Question 9. If you mute. ban or tempban a player will you tell an owner? (The owners are Tannianna, angrylawnnGnome and migigurl.)
As soon as I see one on (yes)

Question 10. Why do you want to be staff on Catscraft?
I would like to help the server become a better community for all players.

Question 11. Have you ever been banned/tempbanned on Catscraft?

Question 12. Do you have any experience with being staff on minecraft or other games?
Not that I can remember

Question 13. How often can you moderate? example: how many days or hours approximately?
On weekends I could be on from an hour to all day but on weekdays it would probably be around an hour or more. I will try to be on as much as possible.

Question 14. How can we contact you? (Skype, Discord)
Discord My discord username is Bad#7878

Question 15. How long have you played minecraft?
For about 5-6 years

Question 16. How long have you played Catscraft?
About 2-3 years but started getting online a lot more in the past year

Question 17. Do you share your minecraft account with anyone else?