Discord Staff Application

Question 1: What is your Discord name? (Example: Name#0000)
Answer: Shifty#2814

Question 2: Have you been on the Discord server for atleast 5 days?
Answer: Yes

Question 3: Have you read the rules? If so then please tell us one rule which you think is most important.
Answer: Yes, they are all equally important.

Question 4: Would you give users ranks without the owners permission?
Answer: I would always ask the owner's permission, and would give reasons as to why they should have the rank.

Question 5: If a user would break the rules by cursing for example what would you do?
Answer: Kindly remind them not to do that up to twice, then warn. If it continues, mute.

Question 6: If you mute, kick or ban a user would you let the other staff members know?
Answer: Yes absolutely

Question 7: Why do you want to be staff on the CatsCraft Discord server?
Answer: I want to help out the server

Question 8: Do you have any experience with being staff in other discord servers or game servers?
Answer: Yes, I am currently staff (Moderator through Dev) on 6 servers and have previously been staff on 3 additional servers.

Question 9: Will you try to set a good example for other users and staff?
Answer: Yes absolutely

Question 10: What date are you submitting this application?
Answer: 11/18/2019

Question 11: Do you share your Discord account with anyone else?
Answer: No

Question 12: How often can you moderate? example: how many days or hours approximately?
Answer: Every day, 3-6 hours.